The Cotoneaster Coral Beauty (Cotoneaster x suecicus) is a dense evergreen, spreading evergreen that has small leaves that are a gorgeous dark green colour. They produce small, white flowers, and lots of them in summer, which are then followed by orange-red berries in autumn.

It makes for a fantastic ground cover suppressing weeds too. It also works well as a plant that beautifully cascades over a wall, to add dimension and a focal point to any garden. It is generally great at adapting to most situations in all locations given reasonable drainage. If you are wanting to plant a shrub in a shady area such as under a tree, then the Cotoneaster Coral Beauty is perfect for this.

It prefers well drained soil and resides well in soil that is clay, chalk, sand or loam. When it comes to planting distance, the choice is completely up to you, but as a guide we would suggest planting four plants per square metre. Six plants per square metre will provide a quicker and better coverage, and nine to twelve plants per square metre will provide you with a weed suppressing carpet extremely quickly.

Cotoneaster Coral Beauty plants available as top quality pot grown plants. For more information on our Cotoneaster Coral Beauty plants or any of our other hedging varieties, contact our specialist team members for more information.