Further Information about Photinia Pink Marble Hedging

This is a very fine and handsome evergreen shrub, very few plants bring such colour and interest all year round, attributes that have not been overlooked by the Royal Horticultural Society who awarded this plant the Award of Garden Merit recognising it as an outstanding garden plant.

Photinia fraseri Pink Marble would certainly make a stunning solitary shrub in any garden, and added to a shrub border it would contribute both height and enduring colour. These bushy shrubs would grow into a tough and colourful evergreen hedge and they do make a rather nice topiary specimen or pleached trees. (You might be interested in our ready grown, fresh pleached Photinia Pink Marble trees if you dont want to wait!)

Photinia Pink Marble is an easy shrub to grow, the golden rule of Photinia growing is not to plant in wet and boggy conditions, they are happy just about anywhere else. Grow them in full sun or partial shade, they will brighten any partly shaded corner of course but the very best colours are always in full sun. Give them a light trim or prune (or even a hard prune if needed) in late Spring as the new growth turns darker and green, not only will this keep your shrubs, hedges (or pleached trees) in great shape but it will also encourage a further show of brightly coloured foliage later in the season.

How to grow Photinia Pink Marble

Position: Sun or partial shade
Foliage: Evergreen shrub, leaves stay on the shrub all year.
Soil and site: Any well drained soil.
Flowering time: May and June
Growth rate: moderate/fast
Ultimate height and spread 300cm high x 300cm wide.
Hardiness: Fully hardy.
Aftercare: Water regularly after planting and for the first season. Prune or trim in late Spring to encourage more of the colourful new growth.