A member of the Rosaceae family originating in Japan, it was introduced to Europe at the turn of the 20th century. Autumn Flowering Cherry has dark green ovate leaves in summer turning beautiful autumnal colours of yellow, orange and red before dropping in later autumn.

The rosy pink flowers, opening from dark pink buds and fading to a pale pink as they age, are produced intermittently throughout the autumn and winter from the first season of planting. This show of flowers, mostly during milder winter weather, gives an enjoyable display on the shorter duller days of the year and reaches a peak at the end of spring. These are then followed by small fruits attracting birds.

 A very hardy amenable tree, it is tolerant of all but chalky well drained soil, in any aspect. Being a small light canopied tree, it therefore never creates much shade enabling the possibility of planting around the base for summer colour. It is suitable for a small garden, planted at the back of a border or in a lawn.