Hebe Hedging

We stock a wide selection of these popular evergreen shrubs in a range of colours. Use them for small evergreen flowering hedges, mixed borders or as ground cover. All grow well by the sea but prefer a little shelter from the coldest weather when planted inland.

Types of Hebe Hedging

We have an interesting stock of these excellent little evergreen shrubs, grown for their ease of maintenance and attractive mounds of year-round foliage. The flowers appear during the summer months and come in a wide range of colours, most are very popular with bees. Grow them in any normal or well-drained soil. Hebes prefer full sun and do well by the coast where they tolerate the salty winds. Further inland they are best grown in a sheltered site as they do not tolerate very cold and exposed situations. Grow them as attractive evergreen ground cover or as an alternative low flowering hedge. These plants need little maintenance apart from a gentle trim after flowering has finished.