Further Information about Hebe Red Edge Hedging

Hebe albicans ‘Red Edge’ is a low growing variety of Hebe which originated in Essex in the 1960’s.  Hebe ‘Red Edge’, also known as shrubby Veronica is a compact evergreen small shrub with glaucous grey foliage margined with a distinctive red edge, particularly prominent in winter. This little gem of a Hebe produces attractive lilac tapered flower spikes, very attractive to butterflies, bees and other pollinators above the mounds of striking foliage during the summer months, fading to white with age.

Hebe ‘Red Edge’ is a versatile shrub, its neat mound forming habit is ideal for low hedging as an ornamental flowering hedge, for the edging of borders and pathways or grouping together near the front of flower beds. It is also superb for growing in containers for use on patios, in doorways and much more.

This hardy Hebe requires full sun or partial shade, preferring a little shelter from the coldest weather. It grows happily in most reasonable well drained soils and is a great plant for coastal sites coping well with the associated conditions. Grows to approximately 50cm in height and width overtime. Deadheading is advisable after flowering to encourage a longer flowering season. Needing very little maintenance, it is best to give a gentle trim after flowering has ceased.

These plants are sold as a potted plant and are therefore available for planting all year-round subject to availability. We would recommend planting between 3 and 5 plants per meter to produce a nice hedge or good ground cover.

To obtain the best possible hedge, the ground preparation is important. Dig the site over well, clearing all weed and grass from the area you are planting. We recommend the use of Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi and Bonemeal fertiliser when planting giving the plants a head start and encouraging strong healthy growth. There is a very helpful section on the website How to plant a Hedg giving all the information you will need. A colour copy of these instructions will be included with your delivery if you make an order with us.

If you require any further information, please do call us on 01580 765600 and speak to a member of our friendly experienced team.