Further Information about Hebe Nicolas Blush Hedging

As with all Hebe’s, the small evergreen mound forming habit of them makes them a favoured choice in any garden and Hebe “Nicola’s Blush” is no exception.  This hardy smaller dwarf growing Hebe is a very popular variety, well known for its long flowering season. It is said that the name “Nicola’s Blush” was given to this Hebe from the Nursery where it was developed, the owners naming it after a young assistant who would always blush during conversations!

Hebe “Nicola’s Blush” has lance shaped mid green leaves finely edged in red often having a purple tint over the winter months. The exquisite upright spikes of flowers, usually produced in abundance, are pale pink softening to white giving a two-tone effect contrasting beautifully to the leaf colour. Hebe “Nicola’s Blush” has an exceptionally long bloom time, flowering in early Summer blushing prettily into November. This fabulous Hebe is known for attracting bees, butterflies, moths and other pollinators with its nectar pollen rich flowers, one of the best flowering shrubs for prolonging the year.

Suitable for growing in a range of sites and planting schemes. Use them for small evergreen flowering hedges up to 60cm, in mixed borders, as ground cover or in containers on patios. Giving lasting colour to brighten up any garden.

Hebe’s are suitable for coastal planting with their waxy leaves and although hardy, prefer a little shelter from the coldest weather when planted inland. They are suitable for planting in most well drained soil, happy in full sun or partial shade.

Hebe “Nicola’s Blush” is a relatively low maintenance plant, best pruned gently after flowering. It will flower even more freely if the first crop of flowers are dead-headed in early August.

If wanting to create a hedge using Hebe “Nicola’s Blush”, we would recommend planting 2 to 3 plants per metre, which will provide you with an excellent hedge in time.

We sell all our Hebe’s as pot grown plants, enabling year round planting subject to availability.

We have a very informative section on our website called How to plant a hedge which will hopefully answer any questions you have on the preparation and planting of your order. A colour copy of this guide will be packed with your plant delivery.

The use of Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi and Bonemal fertiliser is highly recommended help your plants develop and grow, giving them the very best start.

If there is any further information you would, like please do call our sales team on 01580 765600 or send us your enquiry through our contact page on the website.