Feeding A Leylandii Hedge

Leylandii hedges are easy to grow, with a little soil preparation and aftercare you can expect excellent results, you new hedge plants should develop into a fine evergreen screen quickly.

This can be helped by providing a mulch (a layer of organic matter like bark chippings or compost) around your new hedge, not only will this look good it will also stop the soil from drying out so your plants have more water, and it will generally discourage weeds – any weeds that do get a foothold will probably be rooted in the mulch and so are easy to pull up.

The new hedge may need watering in the first summer after planting, if so we would strongly recommend a good soak once a week rather than just spraying them over more frequently. This way the plants get the water they need, but the new roots are also encouraged to seek water and so the plants will establish more readily. Frequent light watering can encourage the roots to stay near the surface which can leave the plants vulnerable to drought if they don’t get their frequent ‘fix’ of water. The easiest way to water a new hedge is with Soaker Hose, especially is the run of hedging is substantial, or a long way away from the mains.

After the first year your establishing Leylandii hedge may benefit from a top up of mulch, at the same time you might consider applying a balanced feed in the spring like After plant to keep the foliage a rich colour and the plants healthy to maximise thier growth potential giving privacy in a minimum amount of time.