Geranium ‘Splish Splash’ is yet another fantastic geranium part of the Geraniaceae family. The striking and unusual flowers of this variety are white splashed, striped and speckled with lilac and purple giving each flower the appearance of having been uniquely painted.

This deciduous clump forming variety is a cultivar of the species Geranium pratense which can often be found growing in meadows, permanent pastures, hedgerows and verges. The Latin definition for the word pratense is “meadow dweller” or “found in meadows” hence Geranium pratense is commonly known as ‘meadow cranesbill’ or ‘meadow geranium’.

Excellent in all sorts of situations within the garden, in flower beds and borders, rock gardens, stonewalls or as ground cover, it has an abundance of blooms emerging in early to mid-summer on hairy stems above deeply cut dark green foliage similar to that of the buttercup leaf. Geraniums were brought to Britain in the 16th century and make a wonderful addition to any garden, the old saying being, when in doubt of what to plant, plant a geranium!

Bearing all this in mind and the fact that Geranium is the official flower for a 4th Wedding Anniversary, what better gift could a gardener be given than this hardy perennial shrub that produces delightfully eye-catching randomly patterned flowers over mounds of green foliage?

Growing to approximately 50cm in full sun or partial shade on most soils as long as they are not waterlogged, this shrub can be divided to either reduce its size or for use in other areas of the garden. If cut back immediately after the first flush fades, the blooms will sometimes come again in early autumn.

These are sold in pots enabling easier planning with all year planting. Please call our offices with any further enquiries and we will do our best to help.