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Rootgrow and bone meal 

If you’re looking to give your newly purchased hedging plants, or even your existing plant choices, the best chance at success then investing in some high quality food and accessories is essential. This is where rootgrow and bone meal come into play.

Bonemeal is widely considered to be the best fertiliser when planting new trees and shrubs, offering them the ideal balance required to eliminate chances of a new plant not growing well. Bonemeal is a natural slow release feed designed to promote healthy root growth, as well as encouraging larger, plentiful flowers in flowering plant types. As a rough guide, when purchasing bone meal it is worth considering a ratio of around 1 kilo being sufficient for 15 metres hedge.

Rootgrow is designed to help establish new saplings as quickly and efficiently as possible. In new plants, mycorrhizal fungi are essential to help successfully establish new growth. Although these fungi are widespread in nature, the natural establishment process can take anywhere up to three years, which can feel like a long time to wait if you’re looking for instant results within your garden or outdoor space. That’s where rootgrow can help - using this products means it can take less than a month to establish new growth in saplings.

We stock a wide range of accessories designed to help promote excellent growth amongst hedging plants, all of which we use ourselves in our family-run nursery in Kent. Take a look at our accessories page for more of our helpful products.

If you have any questions about the right products to help your hedges flourish then contact one of our specialist team members, who will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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  • The best fertiliser when planting new trees and shrubs. A natural slow release feed promoting healthy root growth. As a rough guide 1 kilo is sufficient for 15 metres hedge.

  • Mycorrhizal fungi are widespread in nature and essential to succesfully establish new saplings, naturally it can take three years, with Rootgrow it can take less than a month.

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