Cherry Trees

Cherry trees for sale – Home grown cherries are a real treat and they are easy to grow. Cherries can be grown successfully in most soils, they prefer good drainage but will grow well in heavier soil that does not become waterlogged during wet periods. Cherry fruit trees are best planted in full sun where their maximum fruiting potential will be realised.

Most of our Cherry trees are self fertile meaning that you do not need a second tree to pollinate them, however better crops are often produced where a suitable pollinating variety is planted – all of our varieties will make suitable pollinators to each other. Our Cherries are grafted onto a ‘colt’ rootstock so they do not grow too large, expect a mature tree to be around 3-5 metres high eventually.

Our Cherry Trees for sale are supplied as sturdy bare root trees available in season from November until March, the ideal time for planting. We recommend adding rootgrow when you plant them to give them a head start and ideally keeping a small circle of 0.5-1 metre immediatly around the stem completely clear of weeds. Even better with a mulch of bark chips or similar to conserve moisture during warm weather which will help your new Cherry Tree off to a great start for succesful growth and earlier fruiting.

In addition to Cherry trees, we also offer a wide range of other varieties including Apple, Pears, Medlars, Damsons, Plums, Quinces and more. All ideal for gardens large and small.