Damson Trees are very easy to grow, they are content in most soil types provided they dont flood or waterlog, and once established they need no great maintenance – the only real job is picking the fruit in September! When planting its worth adding a generous amount of good quality garden compost or well rotted farmyard manure to the planting hole being sure to mix it well with the surrounding soil.

Our Damson Trees are grafted onto a St Julien A Plum rootstock and will produce a tree of around 4 metres in height when fully grown making them suitable for most gardens.

When planting your Damson Tree we always recommend adding rootgrow to give them a good start, its also worth keeping the area immediatly around the base of the tree completely clear of weeds and grass for at least the first couple of years – a mulch of bark chippings or similar will also help conserve moisture and result in faster growth.