Medlar Trees

Medlar Trees can make a beautiful and more unusual addition to most gardens, this modest sized tree  is highly ornamental with its pretty pink tinged flowers and elegant deep green foliage that turns to russet in Autumn, often retained on the tree into early Winter.

Medlars are a delicious fruit (that are attractive on the tree) that goes very well with cheese among other culinary uses, for best results the fruits should be picked in late Autumn and then stored somewhere cool to ripen further (the official name is bletting!).


Medlar trees will grow in most garden soils that dont waterlog in wet spells, maximum fruiting potential will be reached in a more sheltered sunny spot but this is a hardy little tree that will grow in most sunny situations.

Our Medlar fruit trees are grafted onto a Crataegus rootstock and will slowly develop into an architectural twiggy little tree of around 4 metres high and wide.

All of our Medlar trees are supplied as sturdy 2 year old bare root trees, available for planting during the natural dormant season from November until March – the correct time for planting.

We always recommend adding Rootgrow when planting to give them the best start together with a generous amount of organic matter to improve the soil – good quality garden compost or well rotted farmyard manure are ideal provided they are well mixed with the surrounding soil.