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Instant Hedging

Here at Hopes Grove Nursery we have a wide variety of instant hedging plants for every budget, to give you the instant effects you are wanting for your garden or landscape project. No more planting and waiting for your plant to grow over the years to the desired look; now you can have what you want in an instant, which is the great advantage to this type of hedging.

Your chosen instant hedge is supplied typically in one metre lengths, and arrives already pre-planted. The only requirement needed from you at this point is to pace out or measure the number of lengths you specifically need.

Have a think about the type of instant hedge you are looking for, as there are three types:

Trough hedges

These are the most cost effective option, as they are young pre-planted hedges that can be bent and cut into any design or shape you wish. With these hedges planting time is cut by fifty percent compared to using individual plants. Perhaps you’d like a dense hedge? We’d suggest planting a double row of your selective hedge to do so.

These types of hedges are grown in containers, here on our family-run nursery in the heart of Kent. Therefore you are able to plant them in complete confidence, no matter what time of year you do so. These hedges are easily maintainable, and only require one person to plant them.


These are more mature and bigger pre-planted hedges compared to trough hedges. They make for a higher level of privacy, offer easy planting and can be planted all year round too. When you come to planting, all you have to do is cut the bag along the seams, remove it and place the plant in the ground. Give the top of the plant a trim once planted and voila! You have your instant hedging in place, providing you with your desired effect.

Hedging Elements

Our field-grown hedging elements are also great at providing you with an instant hedge. They have been accurately trimmed (and the roots to!) for the past few years, to help enable you to have that instant manicured ‘show garden’ effect, with instantaneous privacy too. Hedging element roots tend to oust the possibility of transplant shock, thanks to their root architecture being compact and dense.

They are available from late September through to May, and are delivered in biodegradable cardboard troughs which are normally planted with the hedge. These troughs, however, can easily be removed if you wish. Planting these hedges is typically a two person job, especially as they weigh around 150kg per metre section.

With all instant hedging we suggest when planting to thoroughly water their roots, and recommend our soaker hose for this purpose. Add RootGrow as a valuable asset for establishing your hedges, ensuring that it gets off to the best possible start in your garden.

Don’t forget our ever popular Rootballed Hedging plants and our Pot Grown Hedging plants, in pot sizes of ten litres and over, for other ways of providing the instant hedge effect you require. If you are ordering a large quantity of plants then don’t forget to give us a call, as we do offer tailored quotes for large orders with sizeable discounts.

To view our range of instant hedging plants please click on one of hedges you are interested in below. Should you have any questions or require any advice before making a purchase then please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialist team members on 01580 765600, or take a look at our contact page.

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  • A favourite hedging plant in UK gardens, we grow both the green and purple varieties in a massive range of sizes. Both varieties retain their russet brown leaves in the winter

  • Box or Buxus hedging plants are practically indispensable in any formal garden needing a low hedge, all varieties are evergeen and may be clipped into any shape.

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  • A staple plant in the landscaping around most supermarkets and retail parks but dont let that put you off, these are tough low maintenance evergreens worthy of gardens too.

  • These accommodating evergreens are rising stars in hedging plant circles, Griselinia has the kind of upright shape that lends itself as a hedging plant, and they look great all year.

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  • Given time, Hollies will grow into an impenetrable hedge. We have native green hollies as well as the Golden, Silver and Blue types in many sizes, including some big ones!

  • Becoming a more common alternative to Box hedging, Japanese Holly may be trimmed to make an almost identical low hedge, and like Box it can make a larger hedge with patience.

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  • One of our best sellers, Hornbeam is easy to establish and thrives where it is too wet for Beech, it also retains its nut brown foliage in winter. Our plants are the best you will find.

  • The Irish Ivy, Hedera hibernica makes an excellent narrow space saving privacy screen that given the support of a wire fence or trellis to scramble through.

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  • Laurel is one of our best selling evergreen hedging plants, they are easy to grow and give great privacy, they look good all year round and come in a huge range of sizes.

  • These evergreen Loniceras have tiny leaves making them ideal for very neat hedges, nitida varieties make super hedges, pileata is often used as ground cover or much lower hedges.

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  • This pot grown mixture may be planted all year round, no need to wait for the bare root season. A wide mix of native hedgerow species available in sizes up to 2 metres high.

  • One of our best sellers, Privet is tolerant of shade and poor soil, trims very well making a tidy and easily maintained hedge, we stock the Green, Golden and Wild varieties.

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  • Farmers know a good hedge when they see one, Crataegus monogyna is the backbone of many rural hedges, the flowers and fruits attract many forms of wildlife.

  • The aristocrat of hedging plants, with reasonable drainage Yew is one of the best for all hedges, screens and topiary. Annual growth of 30cm or more in good soil.

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