This popular aromatic evergreen shrub or tree is native to several areas of Europe and the Meditterean. Known under several guises Bay Laurel, Sweet Bay and Laurel nobilus the plant is from the Lauraceae family and is widely used in cooking circles. Recognised almost universally as headwear in the form of wreaths in plays and films relating to the higher echelons of Roman and Greek society.

This versatile plant has been in use for centuries and is almost certain to be found in any well stocked herb garden for its culinary uses. The leathery leaves add great flavour to soups, casseroles and stews.

A great plant for coastal areas, the Sweet Bay is an excellent choice for planting in tubs or containers to be clipped into Topiary shapes adding architectural interest to focal points in the garden or patio. Growing in pots or troughs also allows for them to be moved to perhaps a more sheltered area should the weather become excessively cold. If planting in beds and borders they prefer well drained soil in sun or partial shade again with a little shelter from winter or autumn frosts. The Bay tree or shrub will make an excellent hedge from 90-300cm in height. The best time to trim would be in springtime.

Supplied in pots of varying sizes the Sweet Bay can be planted at any time of year regardless of weather conditions. If time or weather are an issue when the plants arrive just put to one side in a sheltered spot in the garden and plant when convenient.

If you have any further queries relating to the Sweet Bay pot plants do not hesitate to give our team a quick ring and they will be happy to help.