The Nordmann fir or Abies Nordmaniana originally hailed from the great forests of Turkey and Georgia. Hugely popular in Denmark and the large number grown in the Scandinavian countries are grown from seeds taken from the host countries. The Firs or Abies are a genus from the Pinaceae family and there are many other species in this family.

One of, if not the most popular tree to be taken home at Christmas as the pretty dark green needles are soft and not sharp and if the house is not too warm the needles should stay on the tree throughout the festive period. The Nordmann has a wonderful symmetrical shape lending itself to be adorned with baubles and lights showing them off to their best advantage.

The Nordmann Fir is a relatively slow growing disease resistant fir tree. The shiny dark green foliage of this needle retaining tree has a silvery underside on its uniform and attractively shaped branches. It will benefit in growth and shape from being planted in well drained reasonable soil in full sun. The distinctive shape will develop from being given a generous space between plantings in which to form. The Nordmann Fir would benefit from a regular trim in either autumn or spring.

We sell Nordmann fir Christmas tree as bare rooted plants from November until March which is the most economical way to plant especially if planting in larger quantities. Ground preparation ahead of the plants arriving makes it relatively stress free and less time consuming to get the plants in the ground if the weather is a little inclement when they arrive.

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