Mountain Ash is a deciduous tree or shrub commonly used in hedging either as part of the hedge or as a specimen tree in the middle. Also known as Rowan or by its Latin name of Sorbus aucuparia, it is a species of the rose family or Rosaceae native to an area stretching from Madeira through North Africa up to Iceland, Russia and northern parts of China.

After the slender leaves open in spring, pale yellow to white blossoms appear in May and June, providing nectar and pollen for bees and other insects, developing into clusters of bright orange-red berries from August onwards making this an attractive specimen for planting along streets.

Mountain Ash berries are much favoured by many varieties of birds helping to sustain them through the winter months and they are edible for humans being rich in Vitamin C, however are quite sharp so can be made into jelly as an accompaniment to meat.

The smooth bark on the slim trunk of the tree covers a tough pale yellow-brown wood often used in furniture making, turning and for craftwork.

In days gone by the Rowan was linked with magic and witches as the bright red colour of the berries was supposedly good for fighting evil and protection against evil spirits.

Sorbus aucuparia is a hardy specimen getting its name of Mountain Ash from the fact that it can be found in mountainous areas up to 2000m or so above sea level. Although it will quite happily grow in dry or moist soils, it will not tolerate consistently waterlogged areas, the best conditions are reasonably fertile soil which is well drained.

The growth rate of Mountain Ash is approximately 30 cm per year to an average ultimate height of 15metres for a tree or lower if kept as hedging. Any trimming if necessary should be done in winter.

Mountain Ash hedging can be supplied economically as bare root plants in the months when they are dormant from November through until the end of March depending on the weather.

If larger sturdier specimens are required then we can supply pot grown plants throughout the year for planting at your convenience.

Should you require any further information with reference to either bare root or pot grown Mountain Ash plants or any other hedging plants then please ring one of our team and we will be only too pleased to help.