Willow (Salix) has hundreds of varieties, from small shrubs to sweeping trees, with colourful shoots, stems and different variations in appearance. They have attractive leaves that add a hint of colour during winter months, ideal for brightening up dull gardens in winter. We stock a variety of willow plants throughout the year, including; Salix Alba Vitellina and Salix Alba Chermesina. Browse the different types of species above and choose your preferences for bark and leaf colour to find your ideal type of willow hedging.

Natively found in the Northern Hemisphere in countries with colder climates, this deciduous shrub is an attractive plant that is easy and quick to grow, preferring wetter soils. They can mainly be found around the country near water, and have pleasant, graceful qualities to the plant. In spring the willow produces catkins, and can later be cropped for basket making or fences. Salix trees can be used for a number of purposes, including windproofing, preventing noise pollution, fencing, that makes Salix trees a fantastic addition to almost any garden.

How to Plant Salix Trees

Willow hedges (Salix trees) are relatively easy to care for and can be trimmed to specific heights and thicknesses and generally respond well to trimming. Salix trees are particularly beneficial for wildlife including insects, pollinators, and helps shelter other animals in water-logged and swampy areas. Our salix trees can be bought as bareroot hedging, best planted between November and April for maximum chances of success. These hedges are best planted in the winter months whilst dormant, with little or no soil to give time to grow and establish ready for the spring.

When planting your willow hedge, never plant it close to a building as its roots tend to go wandering, seeking out water and potentially damaging building structures. With this hedge plant you need to get your timing right; plant your willow in your designated spot and it should grow nicely. Willow hedging can grow extremely quickly (up to six feet in one season!) so it’s important you maintain your hedging plant well. Trim back yearly if you’d like to keep it under control at a designated height and width.

Why Choose Hopes Grove Nurseries?

Hopes Grove Nurseries are a local, family-run nursery based in the UK’s Garden of England, Kent. We have grown over a half a million species across our 80-acre nursery for the past 30 years, making us experts in everything hedging and plant-related. Our passion is what makes us different, with each and every staff member fully trained and knowledgeable in our hedge growing and cultivating processes, so should you require any assistance in choosing the right Salix tree or willow hedge, we’d be happy to help. Each plant is given the much-needed TLC it deserves so it’s strong enough to be delivered to you and planted in your garden. It’s no wonder our customers order from us year after year. Take a look at our Feefo reviews to learn more about what our customers think.

We give great care and attention to our growing processes, where we ensure our willow hedging plants are given the care they need to be the freshest, and highest quality plants on the market. Each team member has direct experience growing our plants, so give us a call and we’ll be happy to explain the growing process to you, with handy tips and advice on how to maximise the chances of your Salix trees taking to the soil. If you’re still unsure, visit our knowledge hub for more useful planting advice and tips.

Buy our Willow hedging online today, or you can Get in touch to speak to a member of our passionate, plant-loving team should you have any questions.