Further Information about Monterey Cypress Hedging (Cupressus macrocarpa 'Goldcrest')

Monterey cypress hedging plants are upright almost columnar growing making them an excellent choice as a hedge for gardens with limited space as they are not a wide as conventional Cypress hedging plants.

Monterey Cypress Goldcrest with its vibrant golden yellow colour and lemony scent make an eye catching architectural feature planted individually to give height and contrast in a border or bed gives a bright colourful lift to a garden when planted in a row as a hedge.

The cypress Goldcrest is an evergreen variety giving year round colour and interest they are easy to grow and will flourish in any reasonable soil providing it is not waterlogged.

Full sun or partial shade will allow this delightful conifer to achieve its growth rate of 40-60cms per year up to a height of 1-4 metres.

We recommend a single row of 2 -3 plants per metre for Monterey Cypress hedging and either plant singly or in small groups where a splash of colour would benefit an area in the garden.

Monterey Cypress Goldcrest are sold by us in pots which minimises any root disturbance allowing them to make their growth potential of some 40-60cm per year when the roots are established after the first year.

As with planting any new hedge or addition to the garden good ground preparation is key. Removing any grass and weeds which may compete with the new plant for moisture and nutrients is advised adding a good quality compost or manure and digging in well with the existing soil. Always check if the drainage is adequate particularly if planting a species that cannot cope with wet soil, if in doubt dig in grit or sharp sand which would help.

Trimming when required should take place in spring to keep their shape and stimulating new growth.

When planting a new hedge we recommend adding Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi which should be in contact with the roots and Bonemeal a slow release fertiliser added sparingly to the back filling soil the addition of both products ensures your new plants get off to the best of starts.

Our website has a useful guide on our How to plant a hedge link and we send a hard copy with your plants.

If you would like to know more about how to protect your Monterey Cypress hedge, take a look at our helpful guide on ‘Controlling Cypress Aphids‘ to prevent damage and browning from insects.

If you have any further queries or require additional information about the Monterey Cypress Goldcrest then do please give our team a call on 01580 765600 or e mail through the on-line contact page and we will do all we can to help.