Brachyglottis Sunshine hedging plants and shrubs are better known to many gardeners by their ‘old’ name – Senecio hedges. The simple, attractive, felted ovate shaped leaves, are white and silver in colour, an attractive cluster of daisy like yellow flowers are prominent in Summer and Autumn making this an attractive space filling shrub or a small informal flowering hedge. A suggested use is in a gravel or Mediterranean style garden, an ideal low maintenance garden plant.

The Brachyglottis is an evergreen and suited to coastal or more windswept areas, growing best in the full sun, it will tolerate partial shade they are drought resistant once established. Suited to most soil types, but free draining is advisable.

The Brachyglottis will make an ultimate height and spread of 1 – 1.5 metres. They mature into mound like features.  A slower growing shrub with 10-20 cm of growth per year. Trimming either in spring or after flowering prevents bare woody stems and encourages the young growth. Brachyglottis has been awarded the RHS award of garden merit.

Ensuring a good start for your Brachyglottis ‘Sunshine’ we recommend Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi and Bone meal fertiliser when planting, this gives plants a great start encouraging strong root growth.

Bone meal should be mixed with the soil that is used to backfill around the plant while Rootgrow should be put in contact with the roots of the plant on planting. Our useful guide for how to plant a hedge will help with further with advice on how to prepare your planting area. A full colour copy of the planting instructions will be despatched along with your plant order.

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