The Norway Spruce (Picea abies) is probably the most recognisable of all Christmas trees with its columnar habit of growth when fully developed. It features prominently at Christmas when the trees donated by the Norwegian city of Oslo are erected in Trafalgar Square London, Edinburgh and the city of Washington DC as thanks for the help and assistance given to Norway during the second world war.

This easily grown spruce can found in great swathes all over Europe and the Balkans. Common names for this valuable timber crop are European spruce and German spruce. It is a softwood and has is widely used in the construction industry.

The Picea abies is a fast-growing tree making up to 2ft/60cm of growth per year and is widely planted in forests to be used for timber and paper production. The shoot tips when newly emerging in spring were used in olden times as a brew to be drunk to alleviate and sometimes cure scurvy. The new shoot tips of the Norway Spruce are also used by the traditional Austrian medical fraternity as both a tea to be consumed or a syrup to be added to baths. The timber can be used as pulp for the making of paper or for making crates and in some cases is favoured by musical instrument craftsmen.

Our bare root Norway Spruce plants are ideal for growing on into Christmas trees, plant them a metre apart for smaller sizes and as they sell the remaining trees will have more space to grow and develop. The Nordmann Fir would benefit from a regular trim in either autumn or spring.

We supply the Norway Spruce as bare root plants for planting during the dormant season which is November to March. This is an economical way to plant a substantial amount of trees at the same time perhaps to form a small woodland area or plantation. If you have any queries or wish to discuss the Norway spruce Christmas tree please don’t hesitate to ring the team and they will be happy to help.