Willow Golden or Salix alba Vitellina is from the family of Salicaceae but of unknown origin. It is thought to be a hybrid of White Willow, Salix alba, and possibly Crack Willow, Salix fragilis, however this is not absolutely proven. It can be grown as a large deciduous tree but more often grown as a shrub with beautiful egg yolk yellow new shoots which will proliferate if hard pruned every other spring.

In parts of Australia it is looked upon as a weed since it is so prolific it is displacing native plants. Because of its thirst for water as with other Willow varieties, Willow Golden is a superb shrub for coppicing and growing as a hedge along river banks or dykes or around ponds, bringing a bright spring feel to the area with the golden new growth especially if reflected near water. The slim yellow catkins which appear in early spring alongside the slim green leaves, also give a little added interest to the plant.

Willow Golden grows well in moist areas around ponds or alongside rivers or in boggy regions in most reasonable soils but will struggle in dry areas. It is good for planting in coastal sites as it will cope with a certain amount of salty air and is best in full sun or partial shade to keep the vibrant colour. Average growth rate of Willow Golden is about 30-60cm per year.

Bare root plants are supplied in the correct season for planting which is when they are dormant from November through to March and is the most economical way to plant a hedge especially if the area to be covered is large. Willow Golden is supplied as bare root and since they are so prolific in growth for hedging it is recommended that they are spaced at 2 plants per metre.

If you have any queries with regard to Willow Golden as hedging or as trees, phone one of our team and we will be happy to answer your questions.